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Grow Your Members; Grow Your Credit Union. The Credit Union Movement is rooted in helping members grow their financial success, which then drives credit union growth.

    Pricing & Benefits

    For an annual subscription of $1,200 you'll receive a Purposeful Finance article each month along with two high-resolution images which can be used with the article. If you prefer paying monthly, or want to test how your members respond to articles, you can go on a month-to-month plan for just $125 per month.

    Increase Engagement

    Make your credit union the first place members think of to get initial advice on finances. 

    Educate Members

    Provide members with unbiased, relevant, and actionable advice on their personal finances. 

    Lower Lending Risk

    Improving members' financial lives reduces both financial stress and the chance of default. 

    Deepen Relationships

    Strengthening your relationship with members also raises average products per member.