Financial Planning is the Process of Turning Dreams into Goals and Goals into Realities

Receive financial coaching through our partnership with Purposeful Strategic Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor firm. The services are designed to help individuals and families:

  • Deal with debt

  • Build a working budget

  • Save for their future

  • and escape the cycle of poverty

Low-cost options are available for recent graduates and those with low income. Purposeful SP also offers comprehensive financial planning and investment advising services.

Financial Advice Designed for You

Financial Planning shouldn't just be for the wealthy. If you're at the beginning of your financial journey, Financial Coaching can offer you guidance and help with building a strong financial foundation to set the stage to build wealth.


Purposeful Strategic Partners is legally required to put client interests above their own. Sadly, most financial advisers who target low-income individuals have no legal obligation to do what’s in the best interest of their clients. Insurance agents, stock brokers, and other financial advisers actually have a legal obligation to their company, and can give you advice based on how much it pays the adviser. 


You pay directly for advice, and the adviser isn’t allowed to accept money from anyone else for the advice they give you. This eliminates conflicts of interest typical with product-pushing advisers who get paid to sell you a particular financial product.

  • No selling products

  • No commissions

  • No referral fees

  • No other kickbacks

Designed to Build Your Wealth

Financial Coaching is designed to help you build wealth, even if you are just starting out. Get competent financial advice with no minimum balance requirement and low fees.

Financial Coaching provides guidance with:

  • Budgeting & cash flow analysis

  • Debt & credit management

  • Career development & entrepreneurship mentoring

  • Insurance planning

  • Planning for major savings goals

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