Credit Union Growth Through Member Education

Grow Your Members; Grow Your Credit Union. The Credit Union Movement is rooted in helping members grow their financial success, which then drives credit union growth.

Purposeful Finance is written with a mind toward education, not sales. Articles are written in the best interest of the member, with clear and objective financial education at their core. No product sales, no biased viewpoints, and no conflicts of interest.

Grow your credit union using Purposeful Finance Articles

Members are not sold on the benefits of buying financial products. They are educated on financial planning strategies, when specific financial services can be beneficial, and under what circumstances they are not. The trust generated by an education-focused approach positions your credit union as an unbiased partner with the member; helping them to improve their financial lives.

Offer Articles As:

  • Posts on your credit union's social media pages
  • Articles in your credit union monthly member newsletter
  • Content for your credit union website
  • Collateral for direct marketing campaigns

Sample Content

About the Author

Articles are written by Joshua Escalante Troesh, a tenured college professor who has spent nearly 20 years educating students on personal finance and entrepreneurship. As a former credit union Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, he successfully used unbiased education to showcase the benefits of his credit union and help bring the credit union to one of the top 50 fastest growing credit unions for member growth and loan growth in 2007.

Purposeful Finance is a California Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to improving the financial literacy and financial stability of the public. We are currently applying for non-profit status with the IRS.

Offer Purposeful Finance Articles to Your Members

Each month you'll receive an article written to educate your members while showcasing the benefits of your credit union. You'll also receive high-resolution images which can be used with the articles on your website, in newsletters, or in other marketing materials.

Engaging member where they currently are

Purposeful Finance is unlike other sources of content which write articles to be evergreen and provide basic explanations of financial concepts. Our articles are written to be relevant to the current issues facing your members; providing a mix of current events, financial principles, and actionable advice.

When the 2017 Equifax data breach occurred, Purposeful Finance provided reporting on what happened, but also gave advice on concrete steps members could take to protect themselves - such as step-by-step directions on how to opt out of Equifax's arbitration clause.

Encouraging Conversations Between Members and Your Credit Union

This combination of education, advice, and relevance encourages members to seek help from their credit union whenever they have a financial question. And when these conversations happen, opportunities to serve members with appropriate financial products naturally arise.

Pricing & Benefits

For an annual subscription of $1,200 you'll receive a Purposeful Finance article each month along with two high-resolution images which can be used with the article. You can use the articles in member newsletters, on your website, or in any other marketing materials. If you prefer paying monthly, or want to test how your members respond to articles, you can go on a month-to-month plan for just $125 per month.

Increase Engagement

Make your credit union the first place members think of to get initial advice on finances. When your members have financial questions, many companies offer advice including pay day lenders and check cashers. Consistent and relevant financial advice encourages members to get help from a source who cares about them - their credit union.  

Educate Members

Provide members with unbiased, relevant, and actionable advice on their personal finances. Credit unions have long been the vanguard of providing foundational financial education in their communities. Your credit union can go beyond financial education and offer actionable financial advice to your members through a trusted third-party.

Lower Lending Risk

Improving members' financial lives reduces both financial stress and the chance of default. It might seem obvious, but when members are financially secure, they are more likely to pay their loans on time and as agreed. Providing members with unbiased financial advice is as good for your credit union's balance sheet as it is for your members'.

Deepen Relationships

Strengthening your relationship with members also raises average products per member. A stronger relationship makes members more likely to consider their credit union as an option for their next financial product. And when credit unions have an opportunity to compete, they win.