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money's Purpose: help you achieve your goals.

Personal Finance is the "what" and "how," Purpose is the "why." Investing for retirement, saving for a home, and funding your kid's college are not simply personal finance decisions; each is grounded in a Purpose beyond money. Purposeful Finance will provide you with tools, strategies, and ideas to make Purpose the focus of your finances.

Financial Planning shouldn't just be for the wealthy. Purposeful Finance offers financial coaching designed to help you build your wealth. Get fee-only financial advice without the conflicts of interest inherent in commissioned financial product sales.

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Have a single financial goal you want a roadmap to achieve? Purpose Plans provide unbiased analysis of your situation and a plan for accomplishing a single goal.  Examples of plans include:

  • Creating a budget based on your goals

  • Explaining your 401(k) investment options

  • Debt analysis and creating a payoff plan

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