We improve financial literacy, provide access to financial education, and increase financial stability of the public through providing financial education and literacy resources & through helping individuals access low-cost and fiduciary financial planning.

Year in Summary

Although Purposeful Finance has been publishing financial literacy and advocacy articles for more than two years, 2018 was the year we applied for and officially became a non-profit organization. Purposeful Finance received the official notice approving our non-profit status on October 31, 2018; and donors are now able to deduct contributions.

During the year, we published numerous education and advocacy articles, submitted a comment letter to the SEC encouraging a stronger fiduciary standard for all financial advice, and helped 160 people advance their financial goals through our Purposeful Finance Challenge.

As the year was spent working through the application process for non-profit status, our financials for the year were quite boring. No donations were received due to the fact that the non-profit status was not approved until the end of the year. And all expenses of the organization were paid for by Joshua Escalante Troesh and Purposeful Strategic Partners. We look forward to expanding our initiatives as our budget grows.

Those We’ve Helped

Update on 2018 INITIATIVES

Purposeful Finance Challenge

In 2018, we helped approximately 160 people build and take action on their own financial plan through the Purposeful Finance Challenge.
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Financial Literacy Seminars

Financial Literacy Seminars were a new initiative added toward the end of the year and will be a focus in 2019. Only a few financial literacy seminars were offered in 2018 including a seminar on retirement planning for college students and one on the predatory financial product sales practices targeted toward educators.
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Financial Education & Advocacy Articles

2018 was the year of the fiduciary standard, with numerous articles written advocating for and in support of a fiduciary standard for all financial advice. While the Department of Labor fiduciary rule died in the 5th Circuit, efforts continue to advocate for an SEC-based fiduciary rule.


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