Annuity Analysis & Review

If you are considering an annuity, make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision. Annuities are sold by commissioned sales agents using tactics that are often questionable and sometimes predatory. While annuities can be beneficial for very specific circumstances, they are less-than optimal investments and most individuals are likely to benefit more from a well-diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Federal and state regulators have repeatedly called annuity sales practices into question, especially for the misleading way in which they are presented. Learn More About Annuities

Receive a Free Analysis of Your Annuity Contract

To help combat this lack of consumer information, Purposeful Finance offers a free annuity review so you can see how the annuity contract you are considering compares to the returns you might get in the stock market. We’ll use the information from the annuity company to compare how your investment might otherwise do in the stock market using their assumptions. Then, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision on which is right for you.

Annuity Details

In order to provide this service for free, you will need to review your annuity contract and provide us with information from the annuity company’s paperwork. Your annuity advisor can also help you find the information.

If you cannot find the information, a manual review of the annuity contract is also available for a fee.


If you have already signed the contract, you have a limited amount of time to cancel the contract and get all of your money back. We suggest cancelling the contract immediately to get your money back so you have time to review the information. If you determine the annuity is the right decision for you, you can always re-invest in the annuity contract.

Our Annuity Input Form will guide you through the process of finding and entering the needed information about the annuity. Once complete, simply e-mail the form to

Beware the Pitch

As you are making this decision, you are likely talking with a financial advisor who sells annuities. Realize these advisors are really commissioned product sales reps and you are getting advice with a high conflict of interest. You potentially will get a very well-rehearsed sales pitch disguised as advice, and you may not be presented with the downsides of the investment nor the alternatives.

If you are exploring an annuity, make sure to know your options. We do this analysis for free because of the prevalence of bad annuity sales practices.