What is Financial Planning?

Real financial planning isn’t about selling you a life insurance product or even managing investments. Financial planning is about helping you optimize your resources so you can achieve the life you want, both now and in the future.

Your financial life is more than just retirement, insurance, and investing. Traditional financial services firms (stock brokers and insurance companies) limit financial advice to life insurance and managing investments.

But working with a comprehensive financial planner helps you stay focused on your true goals while incorporating cash flow, tax planning, investing, Social Security and work benefits, and every other aspect of your financial life into your plan.

Free Planning Meeting

If you are interested in receiving personal financial advice on achieving your goals, please contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation. During the call, we will talk about your goals and begin to discuss a plan for how you can achieve them.

True Financial Advice

Focused on your goals and your life

Financial Planning should go beyond insurance, retirement, and investments — your plan should help you live your best life, both now and in your future. That means placing an equal focus on immediate life goals such as buying a home or taking family vacations and longer-term goals like sending your children to college or retirement.

fiduciary advice in your best interest

We believe financial advisors should owe clients a legal duty of loyalty. And we believe financial advice shouldn’t be tied to selling you an insurance policy, annuity, mutual fund. or other financial product.

Currently, only Registered Investment Advisors are held to the fiduciary standard of placing client interests above their own. Unfortunately, 90% of those calling themselves financial advisors are actually commissioned salespeople representing their insurance or stock broker companies.

Financial Coaching Subsidies

Financial Coaching is designed to help people manage debt, build a budget, and establish their financial foundation. Purposeful Finance offers grants for recent college graduates and low-income families to help lower the cost of financial coaching.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

If you need more advanced financial planning, working with a financial advisor provides guidance on all aspects of your money. Purposeful Strategic Partners, a fiduciary financial advisor firm, is available to provide guidance on your finances.

Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

Before working with any financial professional, review our guide on interviewing and selecting a financial advisor. The guide includes the legal responsibilities of different types of advisors, questions to ask, and red flags to look out for.