Updating Your Address with the IRS

Nancy Asked:

If my taxes are already done how do I go about doing an address change. I’m 76 and disabled and had to move in with my daughter

IRS Form 8822 Officially Updates Your Address

For address changes you would use IRS Form 8822, which will allow you to change your address anytime during the year. It is good practice to always submit Form 8822 as the method for changing your address, and not rely on other forms, such as your 1040, to inform the IRS of an address change.

IRS Can Reject Address Updates from Other Forms

Because Form 8822 is the official method of changing your address with the IRS, it is important to use this form to update the IRS of any address changes. In fact, many other IRS forms specifically state that changes to your address on the form are not considered notification of the address change to the IRS.  In tax court cases, updates to addresses made through other forms have been rejected by the IRS, specifically stating an update through Form 8822 was required in the specific circumstances involved in the case.


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