Better Outcomes Through Financial Literacy and Education

Financial Wellness programs offer employees and constituents assistance with their personal financial lives through a combination of financial literacy education, financial counseling, and financial advising.

Offer a valued benefit with a Financial Wellness Program designed to improve financial stability and reduce financial stress. Research has shown Financial Wellness Programs have a significant positive impact on both people and businesses, which is why 90% of large employers expect to offer a Financial Wellness Benefit within the decade.

Purposeful Finance offers low-cost Financial Wellness seminars for small businesses, non-profits, schools, and religious organizations. Educational programs are presented to provide unbiased information and help improve the financial lives of attendees. No sales pitches are allowed before, during, or after the seminars.

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Proven Return on Investment

The direct ROI can be as much as 300% or more according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal agency.

Research shows benefits including:

  • Increasing productivity

  • Strengthening employee engagement

  • Improving retention

  • Boosting company loyalty

  • Savings on healthcare costs

  • Decreasing absenteeism

  • Lowering 401(k) administration expenses

  • Reducing company liability 


Seminars are education-focused and designed to assist attendees with managing money, responsibly using debt, and planning for their future. As a nonprofit, our seminars have no hidden agenda for commissioned product sales.

Seminars are offered by Joshua Escalante Troesh, a fiduciary financial planner and a Tenured Professor of Business.

Sample Topics:

  • Building a Working Budget and Managing Debt

  • Strategically Dealing with Your Student Loans

  • Affording Your Child’s College Education

  • Understanding the Benefits of Your Company’s Benefits

Custom curriculum is created for your organizations’ needs.