Financial Wellness Seminars Targeted To Your Goals

Your Financial Wellness program will be customized for the specific needs of your employees, constituents, and organization. After a discussion of your goals and needs, a curriculum will be developed to specifically meet the needs challenging your organization. Below are examples of topics designed to meet specific goals of an organization.

Goal: Increase Benefits Participation Rates

Seminars designed to increase engagement of the employee benefits plan and to help position the company’s benefits package as a desirable component of the total compensation package.

  • Understanding the Benefits of Your Employee Benefits

  • The True Value of Your Company Retirement Plan

  • Lowering Your Taxes with Company Fringe Benefits

Goal: INOCULATE Against Predatory Advisers

These advocacy seminars help attendees understand the financial services industry and protect themselves against questionable or predatory practices.

  • Fiduciary Standard: When advice does & doesn’t have to be in your best interest

  • Commissioned Financial Products & Hidden Conflicts of Interest

  • Annuities: The Good, The Bad, & The Predatory

  • How to Interview and Investigate a Financial Adviser

Goal: Attract young talent

These seminars are designed to offer young talent a differentiated benefit and motivation to stay with the organization by dealing with the issues foremost in their mind.

  • Strategically Dealing with Your Student Loans

  • Affording Your Child’s College Education

  • Planning to Purchase Your First Home

  • Personal Finance Steps for Engaged & Newlyweds

Goal: Support Those Nearing Retirement

Seminars designed to help those nearing retirement comfortably transition into the second half of their life.

  • Planning Retirement* & Understanding Social Security

  • Social Security & Medicare Options & Claiming Strategies

  • Annuities: The Good, The Bad, & The Predatory

  • Retirement Portfolio Modifications and Withdrawal Planning*

Goal: Decrease Financial Stress

Topics designed to help attendees manage their finances, reduce financial stress, and be able to more consistently focus on their job.

  • Building a Budget That Doesn’t Control You

  • Managing Loans and Eliminating Harmful Debt

  • Deciphering & Improving Your Credit Score

  • Investing Fundamentals and Portfolio Management*

  • Tax Planning & Legal Tax Avoidance Strategies

  • Buying Insurance without Overbuying or Overpaying

*For SEC compliance, investment-related seminars are provided through Purposeful Strategic Partners, a Registered Investment Adviser firm.

Custom curriculum can be created to meet the specific needs of your organization, employees, or constituents.