Purpose Plans

If you have a single burning question about your personal finances, a Purpose Plan might be right for you. Get an unbiased analysis of your current situation along with a customized plan for accomplishing your goal.


  • A detailed analysis of your current situation
  • A financial analysis of the cost and savings/investment requirements for your goal*
  • Options for how to accomplish your goal
  • A recommended course of action to get you to your goal*

Foundation Plans

You can also get a financial jumpstart with a more comprehensive Foundation Plan. This plan covers the three most common financial needs people have when building a financial foundation.

  1. Cash Flow Analysis & Budget Development
  2. Net Worth Statement Development & Analysis
  3. Debt Analysis

Potential Purpose Plans:

The following are examples of common goal people have which can be accomplished with the help of a Purpose Plan. With personal finance, rules of thumb and one-size-fits-all advice is rarely helpful or ideal. Get personal advice on your goal based on your specific situation.

I want to buy a house:

  • Can I afford to buy a home, how much is safe to spend, and what should I look for?
  • How do I afford the down payment for a home? What about other "hidden" up front costs?
  • Is it better for me to rent or buy a home

I want to get control of debt:

  • How do I deal with my student debt?
  • How do I improve my credit score without going into more debt?
  • What is the fastest way out of debt based on my personal situation?

I want to understand my retirement:

  • What do the investment options in my 401(k) mean? (What does each invest in, which ones are high/low risk, and how much do they cost me?)
  • How much should I put in my 401(k)?
  • What's the difference between all these options: 401(k), IRA, traditional, Roth and others?

I want to send my kids to college:

  • How can I afford college for my child?
  • What is the difference between 529, Coverdell, and other college savings options? Which is right for me?
  • How do I choose which state 529 plan is right for me?

I want to get control of my finances:

  • How do I make a budget which is right for my personal situation and lifestyle goals?
  • How am I doing financially? (What is my net worth, how much do I spend on interest, is my net worth increasing or decreasing?)
  • How should I prioritize my emergency fund, retirement, or eliminating debt?
  • Am I paying too much for insurance and do I have enough insurance?
  • Should I lease or buy my next car? Which is better for my finances and my lifestyle?

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