Testimonials of students who have gone through Joshua's classes or programs

This process has definitely helped move us toward meeting all of our goals. I always thought my husband and I had very open lines of communication, especially when it comes to our financial situation, but the level of detail involved in this process really paints the entire picture. We will more effectively meet the goals for our family by being more detailed in our communication and more clearly planning the budget to meet all of our short-term and long-term goals.
— Victoria Barrick

I would say that our financials support us in our goals. A lot of our goals are strongly contingent on a strong financial position. The difference this process makes is that we can now see exactly how much we need to set aside and for how long. We can also see visually what happens when we decide to make choices and the opportunity costs associated with that. We are now less likely to give in to impulses knowing the tradeoff. We wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals of a second home, a business investment, or rental property investments in a decent time frame if we were in a bad financial position.
— Maimoona Ahmed

This class has helped me realize how important it is to have an accurate budget but also to have a realistic budget. Before this class I didn’t see where all of my money was going. Now I see it and am able to budget according to not just my needs but my wife and step daughter’s needs as well….. All in all, this class was a real eye opening experience for me. I feel that since most newly married couples stress about finances I think I eliminated to some degree that stress.
— Erik Schmid

This class helped me a lot, now I am more aware of my personal expenses and family expenses. Also I was able to see how much money we throw away on things when we can spend the money in something we want to achieve; for example a vacation.
— Irma Padilla
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Testimonials are from students and others who have gone through one of Joshua Escalante Troesh's courses or other programs.

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